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About Akzentz Gel 


odor-free, unlike traditional acrylic

100% Made in Canada

cure under a UV light to an ultra shiny finish

About Gel Nails Coquitlam

Now offering pre-sculpted gel nails, specially formulated out of soft gel to provide a lightweight full set of nails. Unlike many nail technicians that glue on plastic tips, these pre-sculpted gel nails are applied with gel.  I sculpt each gel nail to fit your nail perfectly. They look and feel so natural you will think they are your own.  

I believe no matter where you go you should feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. Each visit you will enjoy the luxury of fresh towels, your own buffers and sanitized implements. I offer a comfortable and friendly environment as well as many years of experience. Nail enhancements are meant to accentuate your nails not damage them. I take great care in filing and preparation of the natural nail to not only achieve the best results , but also maintain the integrity of the natural nail. 

Myth: solar nails are gel nails 

Reality:  It all depends on where you have gone to get them.  Discount salons are notorious for applying acrylic nails, and then one coat of gel and telling you you have gel nails.  They also advertise Solar nails as something better than their regular service.  “Solar Nail” is a trademark acrylic product of Creative Nail Design. 


There is no such thing as “Solar Nails,” it is just promoted by discount salons as a special product or service so that they can charge more to unsuspecting customers.    More important, they may not even be using this product on you.  Chances are very good that they are refilling the product container with MMA monomer and telling you they are using Creative’s Solar Nail monomer.  Unfortunately, you will have no way of knowing whether this is true, but I would warn you to stay away from any salon that advertises “Solar Nails”.  And to make sure that when you are getting gel nails, that every single layer that has been applied to your nails is gel. 


Don’t know what gel should look like?  Think of honey.  It should be in a small pot or bottle.   Every time the nail tech applies a layer of “gel” your nails need to be “cured” under a UV lamp.  If this is what you’re familiar with, then you are getting what you’re paying for.   

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